What exactly do TrafficVance deem as ‘Adult’?…

I’ve just had my 2nd attempt at a dating creative rejected by TV, for being too Adult.

I thought I’d try a ‘Naughty or Nice?’ angle, so created a lander with two options; one for the ‘naughty’ choice (girl in a Brittney Spears school-girl uniform) and one for the ‘nice’ choice (stock photo image of respectable girl).

First attempt – fair cop. I was redirecting the ‘naughty’ link to an AmateurMatch offer, which had a fair bit of nudity on the landing page. I didn’t think that would be an issue, because it’s not the lander which pops, but the one people see if they choose the naughty option on mine.

Second attempt – changed the naughty offer to something less blatant; However, now the TV reviewer has come back with

Naughty or nice is considered Adult and is in violation of Trafficvance
Terms & Conditions.

and attached a screengrab of my lander! So it seems they just find the concept of ‘naughty or nice’ offensive!

Anyone here tried a similar spin for dating on TrafficVance, or know what the boundaries are and how far you can push them?

User Comment:
Case solved. Apparently they do not like the word ‘naughty’ on dating landers. I just replaced it with something less provocative and more… ‘fun’.

User Comment:
They really need a specific outline of rules to follow! It would save them hundreds of hours disapproving ads that could easily have been adjusted before being submitted.

The Article Published IN 02-28-2011 03:21 PM

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