What is your profitable url "finding" process?

I have been studying and trying to create a "blueprint" for finding profitable urls to bid on. I see that some people bid on high traffic sites like, and try to make it work. Others are bidding on lower traffic sites but have maybe 1k targets.

With running dating offers, if someone throws in or some other dating site, I would think that it would create a conflict. Say I go to but then a pop up for another dating site appears. I’m already interested into signing up for a dating site, and my thinking would lead me to believe that is where I want to sign up at (and further more give my info, since the only reason I see these ads is because I have a vomba toolbar sitting on my browser)

My thinking as a marketer is to target a dating "blog" because that person would have the first stage of interest without having a concrete decision in there head to go with

Then BAM! Hit em with a dating offer, make them take action with the actionable offer right in front of them, instead of a target that is already the action.

So I guess what I’m asking (yes…there was a question coming eventually..) is what is your starting process when finding those first testing targets?

When you look for a new offer to test with (or offers) what is the first thing you do when you go look for targets? Now I know some of you will say go to your Afftools, find some urls in the scrapper based off of targeted keywords, and lose some money.

But what would be your strategy to minimize losing unnecessary funds. Kinda like the common sense way of approaching a new camp.

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People are always looking for something better and a lot of people who are at a sign-up page for Dating site A probably are’nt even aware of Dating Site B,C,D and E so if you can show them a better, more attractive offer that catches their attention for something they are already interested in, your prob going to be on a winner. So I think that is the advantage or one of the advantages of bidding on competitor sites

Plenty of ways to find them yeah the simple affexpert way, seraching google and scraping the search and paid ad results, finding related urls in adplanner with high affinity (over 1000x is a good place to start), quantcast, alexa……etcetc

As far as finding winning URL’s tijn made a good suggestion to me the other day – when doing your keyword research record in a spreadsheet alongside your URL’s/keywords where you sourced them eg google, affexpert url scraper etc, If they were from serps or paid advertising, the keyword searched to find the url, and if you got the url from adplanner etc the affinity. Then after some time you can look back and see if there is any pattern in how/where you found your winning urls.

As far as losing unnecessary funds, i’ve heard the same thing from a lot of people – you never really know what is or isn’t going to work, you have to test it. But i guess doing what I suggested above might give you some data to see some patterns to perhaps optimize your keyword research a bit.

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I generally go for high volume targets and try to get smth working there.

I find it easier to manage.

Managing bids for 1k targets everyday is no fun.

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^^ this, but luckily when I do have to do it a couple of my ppv autobidders help out there

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