What kinds of offers do you prefer to run?

I’ve mostly been running SOI offers on POF with payouts ranging from $2 per lead to about $5. The reason I prefer SOI is because I find the conversion rate to be much higher than DOI, thus making me more profitable. But, lately I can’t find any good SOI offers on any network. With the right targeting I was getting a conversion rate of about 20% and now I can’t find any offers that convert that high.

Do most of you guys run DOI or SOI offers? what kinds of conversion rates are you getting on profitable campaigns?

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Disregard conversion rate, acquire EPC.

Single opt-ins are obviously much easier to convert, the other side to the coin is that the quality of the leads tend to be poorer for the advertiser hence the lower payout.

Double opt-ins are tougher to convert but the quality of lead is better that’s why their payouts tend to be higher.

If you ignore whether the offer is SOI or DOI and focus on your EPC you should notice that they tend to even out over time.

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Hmmm…interesting way of putting it and I have been looking at EPC on both but lately for some reason I can’t find a decent converting offer. Also, could be cause I’m spoiled by my last dating offer that paid me over $5 was SOI and converted around 20% with an EPC of about $1.10. Hard to match that. This offer is still available but the numbers dropped so bad its not worth it anymore, they must be scrubbing like crazy.

On DOI offers, what kind of epc/conversion ratio are you used to seeing on profitable campaigns?

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"Disregard conversion rate, acquire EPC." love it.

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