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Say I’ve found a profitable campaign with good roi on facebook, has anyone tried to replicate the exact same ad/campaign on a different account?

I know you are creating an extra competitor for yourself but if you keep the bids like a cent different wouldn’t that give the higher bid first impression then give it to your other campaign in a different account?

Or say you have 150% roi on the one campaign, maybe doing this might lower roi slightly to 100% and give you more volume?

Was curious to see if anyone has tried this…

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can we use 2 different advertising accounts simultaneously ?

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yeah if you use different details etc

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Here is the deal…..its up to the algo and whether its "sticks" or not……you may find it could do better in the other account or worse……what alot of people don’t realize is that it takes multiple ads….of the same ad…to really test to see if it works…..i have launched the same ad multiple times and got way dif results….

I can tell you that at the agency level those who spend $xxx,xxx/day on fb…they launch 5-10 of the same ad…….to really get a good idea if the ad works or not, to eliminate the variance in FB ad’s algo….

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Yeah that makes sense to be honest

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Polarbacon. That is actualy a very good point, i also have Had mixed results with duplicate ads in one campaign…

The Article Published IN 05-24-2011 11:10 AM

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