What’s better for a newbie? PoF or Facebook?


I have experience with affiliate marketing and PPC. I’m new to CPA and social traffic but I want to learn it. What do you recommend me to start with? Plentyoffish or Facebook? Thanks! Good luck to everyone!

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da book’…..buckets-o-traffic

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Both platforms are great and have their own pros and cons. Despite both being "social traffic", you should approach both differently. PoF caters to a specific crowd while Facebook has a good mixture of people seeking different things. Both have their own unique learning curves but the marketing principles and processes that you learn from one can be carried over to the other.

-Facebook kills PoF in terms of volume, both domestically and internationally
-The Facebook CPC bidding model is much easier to learn than the PoF CPM bidding model
-Facebook is very strict on the types of offers that they allow, read their TOS
-Facebook ad approvals are very inconsistent
-Facebook will ban you if you continuously violate their terms
-The new Facebook ad interface sucks balls
-You can literally print money from your computer once you master Facebook keywords/interests targeting

Plenty of Fish
-PoF is much more affiliate friendly and more lenient on the types offers that they allow, that being said, there are some offers that PoF does not allow
-PoF allows you to call out user attributes in your ads and create ads that FB probably would not allow
-PoF is clamping down on some of the racier images that they use to allow
-Ben from PoF is a stud when it comes to ad platform support
-PoF allows you to track conversions on their interface using their conversion tracking pixel or iframe
-PoF conversion tracking reports are golden
-The PoF CPM bidding model can be a good primer for media buying
-Demographics targeting on PoF is on another level, no other platform allows you to target by height, hair colour, ethnicity, etc..
-PoF is awesome for testing and establishing a "proof of concept" that you can carry over to similar demographics and traffic sources

If you’re just starting out and have a limited budget, I’d recommend starting with Facebook. Their platform is pretty newb friendly. You can learn a lot by spending very little, just remember to set your daily budget and don’t spend more than you can afford to lose.

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My vote is on POF no question about it, especially if you’re a n00b with budget constraints.

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Would love to hear the russians reasoning…

Imo FB since most beginners have a tough time with the cpm model.

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It depends…you can spend a lot of money on FB before finding something that sticks.

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FB is really hard these days. Clicks are going to start costing you .60-80 cents if you’re lucky. On POF anyone can reasonably get really cheap clicks so I’d say POF. Whenever I build a campaign I always test it on POF first and then pray that I can port it over to FB. PoF is much easier.

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