What’s up from Central Florida – Steve Howe

What’s up STM! Looks like I am a little late to the party here but nevertheless glad to be a part of this great community.

Yes, I am part of a well known CPA Network – Convert2Media….

MODS: No need to worry because I read your STICKY post: Affiliated with a Network, Product, or Offer? *RULES* [Read Now].

I see a ton of great threads and discussions going on in here. I will be happy to contribute my knowledge both as a network owner, mailer, designer, and above all else paper stacker…

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Welcome Steve. Glad your here.

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Thanks Mattias! See ya around.

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Mr Howe! Very interesting to see you down these neck of the woods!

Welcome .

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Florida w00t… moving to Ft Myers in August deff want to drop by the c2m mansion… or at this point is it the c2m estate?

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Good to have you here bruh.

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@The Angry Russian – The mansion is gone and the office has been growing and now busting at the seams…good problems to have though!! Come visit us – we will be like 3hrs apart.
@Mr Green – glad to be part of your community, been getting quite a few referrals so I decided to see what all was poppin’ in your neck of the woods!

No email marketing section. I would be happy to contribute but…it’s missing.

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Hey Steve,

glad to see you around the Stackers as well as on the Grind Can’t wait to go through your posts, keep it on!

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Hey Steve, welcome to the forum!

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Welcome …..We need a email marketing section….

Those of us on the space coast need the help.


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