What’s your process/tools for split testing?

Hello everyone!

I’m wondering if there’s any tools or processes you use to be more efficient with creating the split test variations for your ad copies. Thanks in advance!

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If you don’t like hard work then AM just ain’t for you.

Forget the ‘I’ve got a piece of software which brings me in $xxxx.xx with one click a month’ Clickbank bullshit. You gotta do the time baby. Somedays I sit at this fucker for 18 hours.

Split testing? Google Web Optimizer is free and well worth your time. Now get to work! LOL

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well…. rather a loaded question

since you are asking about so many diff traffic sources…..they all have there own hitches and glitches…..

but there are many tutorials littered thru-out the forum…..

but getting images…is and easy one….you could spend a few hrs and get about 200-300 images with snagit ready to go for fb or pof….it goes pretty quick…

as far as ad copy…..why reinvent the wheel…and FB really? its 25 chars…lol…..but a good book to break thru block is "words that sell" has 1000’s of head lines and ideas….for camps….I use it all the time….you may tweek the words a bit …but the headlines work….

as far as # of ads to start with……every time you add a variation…you increase your testing cost….so keep it simple….platforms like FB or POF start with 10 ads and see what you get….

PPV a/b test 2 lps and 1 direct linked (3 total)…..

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