When do you typically pause? Impression count on ads?

I’m testing loads of ads right now and it may not be the best thing to do, but I have about 20 pictures maybe more and each of them I wrote 5 ads. So basically I have around 100 ads altogether in my campaign.

Some I’ve got about 30-60 impressions zero clicks

Some I’ve got about 3 impressions and 1 click.

When should I pause my zero clicked ads?

Is there any solid number other than what my payout is and let each ad run 3x the payout?

Is 50 impressions a safe number to pause at? I’ve heard that some people pause to early, but when is it too late?

3,619 impressons today 4 clicks1 conversion$2.41

I’m going off a show 3 times/day/user.

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Only run 3-5 ads at a time, pause the rest.

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Also, I pause my ads around 600-800 impressions if they don’t have 1-2 clicks already. Let them go to around 600 impressions at least, 800 at most IMO.

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Yea testing 100 ads at a time is to much unless your working with some really high volume. And as getgreen said let the ads get atleast 600 impressions each before pausing but I myself personally dont pause ads until they get around 2k impressions and no clicks, because if you do it at only 600 you would only get around 1 click with that amount of impressions and only judging an ads ctr by 1 click is hard because it could be that the time of the day your ads were running the ctr is lower than at other times of the day.

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50 impressions is waaay to low.. Some people prefer the 800 method (means you get at least .1% CTR) but i’m personally finding that micromanaging camps like that is a pain and doesn’t give you proper data.

I would focus around testing a budget more than an impression count in most cases. Like say For these 5 ads i’ll spend $5 and let it ride. Usually helps get the ball rolling and really teaches you some stuff. If some are just doing pure crap after a few X,XXX impressions kill them.

As mentioned above I would test a much smaller group of ads. Like 5-10 images at a time with max 2 headlines/copies. more ads = larger test budget. so get the most bang for your buck and pick ads/images with very similar qualities to test in groups.

Example: 5 blondes vs 5 red heads. A test like that will tell you "hey my demo loves a fire crotch" Now i should try different types of red head images or test a new headline copy, bid, log in count, etc.

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Scotch has got it right, test with fewer images and other variables at once. If you want to spend less, test ONE variable at a time, eg. test your images against each other, then use the winning image with various headlines, then the winning headline and image with various ad copies. Much less expensive that testing out 100 ads at once and getting them all statistically significant.

20k impressions is a decent guide to whether an ad will perform well or not, but generally you can tell after 5k or so.

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I was told around 4k imps a few months ago. Then once you’ve got all your high ctr ad’s at 4k imps, let it run up to 20k in order to see if they are stable enough to carry a campaign.

User Comment:…st-a-creative/

Or if you’re on a budget, then:

Instead of aiming for a pre-determined CTR goal, look at the performance of the ads against one another. For example, 0.15% CTRcould be AWESOME for one demographic/product and absolutely terrible for another. So, look at your ads and if one of your ads is doing 4x as good as another, ditch the worst performing ads and continue to split test.

Eventually, this should lead to conversions and I would do the same process but with conversions. Keep testing and you WILL make money. Remember, the most successful affiliates have a harder time quitting than figuring something out.


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40K impressions total for yesterday. I’m testing a dating campaign.

Had several ads going and I lowered it to about 10. Then 5 Then 2. I found 1 images was pulling more than others. I had 2 headlines/body text for each image. So I paused everything. Except those 2 creatives. Problem is I only got 1 lead out of 33 clicks. Yes I know 40k Impressions and only 33 clicks. It sucks, but I’m trying to figure out the proper way to test. Some people test on a $5/daily budget. Others more. Obviously if I had a lot more money to test with like I dunno $1k? I would be better off.

What is the best way to test a campaign? How often should you switch out images and try something new? I’ve had several clicks before I even hit 500 impressions on each ad so I couldn’t exactly just pause those ads cause they had clicks.

I’m having to manually pause and unpause my campaigns because I can’t run them at a certain time frame. I’m finding that at night/evening I’m getting conversions. But only going off of 3 conversions. It’s wayyy to soon to tell.

Has anyone made a video on how they test POF creatives anywhere so I can get more of a mental picture of what it takes?

This would help alot!

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I don’t think anyone tests off 5 dollars. Anyway you need to check out the CVR after about 20 clicks. If you have 20 clicks and no conversions on an ad then you’re under a 5% conversion rate which is pretty damn bad on most offers.

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Run all the same ad copy and a bunch of different images with at least 2k impressions on each.

Work on getting .1-.15 ctr if it’s anything other then dating ( dating should be around .3+. ).

Then once you find the good images that draw the eye. Then work on split testing you headlines to improve ctr even more. Once you have the best headline then work on you body copy which is what typically drives the conversions.

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