Where do buy PPV?

What do you guys recommend for PPV?

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well that question is kinda like asking…..what do you recommend for a car?

point being are your new to ppv?

what do you want to do, are you looking to get into ppv? Have you done any paid traffic before?

do you have a tracker?

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I have done mostly SEO and CPA.

I have also ran some facebook ads, altough the ROI was so small I did not bother continuing.

I have set up my landing page at

Where would be a good place to promote this?

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Signup for the email course here:…arketing-Guide

It will take a couple of days but there is an awesome ppv guide in there if I say so myself

Otherwise -> see my 30pd follow along…ign-(Requested)

You need more then just a landing page. You need to get tracking setup -> prosper202 or CPVLab

Then you need to sign up with a traffic network. Start with Lead Impact.

Best thing though – take your time and follow the email course. At the end of it you will know everything you need to know about ppv.

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