Where to get Landing Page Graphics and Photos

I’m getting started on building my first (!) LPs, which will be the destination URL from a niche AdWords campaign (to avoid direct linking wrath).

Can anyone recommend good resources for 1) general LP media (buttons, arrows, cartoons) and 2) photos of people looking in various directions. I’ve looked through a few stock photo sites, but am reluctant to shell out for them in these early days.



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You could snag images of google image search but then you don’t have the rights to use them, and that can come back to haunt you later. You’ll always find stuff on the stock image sites and some of the smaller ones are more reasonably priced than shutterstock and the like.

As for buttons, etc – you can get vector graphics from the stock image sites. This is the easiest way to get exactly what you want without making it. Otherwise, you can use a button generator like the one that was posted about in one of the other threads, or make the clipart yourself – but that’s going to take a modicum of artistic talent.

Honestly, at the end of the day if you’re not already versed with graphic design the best bet is to buy what you need from a stock image site. It’s not free but it’s cheaper than hiring a graphic designer 9 times out of 10.

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A good place I use is

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haven’t used them for a lot of buttons but dreamstime has decent photos of people for a really wide variety of niche stuff.. pricing isn’t bad..

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Originally Posted by st00rm

A good place I use is

great resource!

i love how there is a "commercial use" filter

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1.) Go to Google Images
2.) Use the following query:

inurl:istock "weight loss"

(keep the quotes, but replace with your keyword of choice)

Free iStockphotos images… You didn’t hear this from me.

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If you want an easy way to create some "call-to-action" buttons, check this out:

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I have designers that create my landing pages – but I know that they purchase stock photos when necessary. It’s just part of the game if you want to play it safe and legal.

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backgrounds resource anyone? or is that already making things complicated?

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Originally Posted by harrypotter

backgrounds resource anyone? or is that already making things complicated? is good for background patterns, but no photographic style backgrounds.

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Make use of advanced image search

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Hope that helps

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