Which Adserver to use?

I’m just about to get into media buying a second time in my life… First time in 2008 I tried to run acai on ValueClick because my aff manager promised I’d kill it since his other affiliate was doing over 2 mil a month on valueclick and revenue science… Needless to say I lost about $8k to ValueClick’s "just a little more optimization."

I’d like to use a 3rd party or self-hosted adserver that will likely be approved to use with most networks…. though I will be doing a lot of direct buys I think.

Please suggest an adserver

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You can use Google DoubleClick for free.
If you are looking for a paid one with support – I hear that AdShuffle is another good choice.

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I posted a similar thread just minutes ago:…Banner-Hosting

@tnakov: How to get into Google DoubleClick? Maybe you can provide a link?

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Sure –

Its free for up to 90 million impressions per month.

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Sitescout is good, zedo is ok but their minimum contract sucks…

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Pretty sure we already had a similar thread… but:

AdShuffle – No min monthly spend, Powerful Tools, admin is sloooww as fuck.
SiteScout – Monthly mins, fast interface, multi pane ads.
Open X – Opensource, FREE, great for small managed buys.

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