Which Traffic Source Should I Use Next?

I’m about to exhaust my first $1000 with TV and I wondering whether I should continue with them. I’ve made a very small profit (not worth mentioning). With them I learned a lot about marketing and would like to apply that knowledge elsewhere (I’ll further elaborate on an upcoming blog post).

I’m thinking about giving POF another shot. I tried running some stuff with them last year but got no results (the reason why->). I was very stingy with bidding; I never bid past .17 CPM, lol. Now, I have no problem paying $10+ CPM

So, what do you guys think? Should I continue with TV or take my money to POF and give them a shot? I can’t do both because of my limited budget.

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I think you should still continue with TV. You’re starting to get the hang of things, I believe the more persistent you remain, the more you’ll be able to conquer that traffic source.

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Never used TV (traffic vance I presume…) but I will say this; now that you have gotten the hang of how it works, use that knowledge!

I think it would be a mistake to go to POF or any other traffic source at this point, as you are just starting to understand how to use TV.. Don’t give up yet!

Though I really didn’t approach this whole AM thing as a full time career until about 2-3 weeks ago, I do have quite a bit of experience messing around with it over the past 4-5 years. I never really found any major success because I didn’t stick with it past the point of randomly trying a campaign or two on a traffic source, be it Adwords, FB, whatever etc.. I would spend a bit of money without really knowing what I was doing, see it all disappear, get discouraged, and move on to something new.

What I should have been doing is KEEPING AT IT with one of them til I had it mastered!

Again I can’t really talk because of my limited success, but this time around I told myself, "Self, you better fucking pick one thing, stick to it, and figure that shit out til it works nurga!".

And that is exactly what I did… I picked one platform, did a bunch of testing with different campaigns and figured out how to tweak the options of the platform til I found something profitable, and then I scaled up to the point where I made $1k profit yesterday and will do so again today, tomorrow, etc. (until the campaign is no longer profitable)

Now that you found something you can run at TV that is at least mildly profitable, you have two options:

1. Tweak that shit and make it sing
2. Find a new offer to run that will be more profitable

The shitty part about AM that I have found so far, is that you need a GRIP of money to be able to do it successfully. Just figuring out what works and what doesn’t takes cash, and then you need more cash to back your campaigns.. how much you earn depends on how much cash you have to scale it up. Sorry that last part was pretty unrelated but important nonetheless

Hope this helps

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you have some experience now with TV, and even made a small profit, so I think you should stick with it. Why go relearn a new system?

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I would suggest to keep advertising on TV and move profitable campaigns over to LI.

For certain niches ( that appeal to younger demographics ) I have had more success on LI.

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