Who Collects Emails on PPC Campaigns?

I’d like to hear from some people that collect emails for email lists and remarketing.


1) What niches do you build a list on?
2) How much have you seen this increase your ROI (approx.)
3) Frequency of mailings?
4) Avg sizes of lists?
5) Aweber? MailChimp? Something else?
6) Single or Double Opt-ins?

I thought about starting to capture emails for dating campaigns but I was curious whether making them enter their email and not being able to pre-pop it would significantly damage the over CVR of the campaign.

Thanks for any insight,

User Comment:
well tbh why not run a small test? your data is always better then what some else will tell you… never lies

that said…

build list around whatevr you want fan stuff, peoples interests it doesn’t always have to be vertical based list….

as far as the questions like frequency, size ya kinda have to figure that out it just depends….I would suggest you dont go crazy with the mailings till you have a list of 1k or more as you take the risk of loosing the list if you get too many complaints spam wise, the way you collect though has a big influence on this you will get many more spam complaints or issues with SOI than DOI

aweber or icontact….mailchimp doesn’t like affs….there TOS says very clearly no aff marketing…..I know guys who use them….but I never would why risk it?

lastly don’t over think things to much …..its pretty easy to see what work and how to do it……

just pick a lead gen offer walk thru it give them a brand new email (so it doesnt jamm up your inbox) sit back and watch and learn….just pick a good offer….that will teach you more than you can imagine….

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okay thanks a lot. any tips on offers? like a Victoria’s Secret email submit (store the email and prepop) targeting older women and then sending mature dating/single parent offers? or work at home biz ops?

I guess I need to be creative on that part. just curious for examples on how people monetize the lists. what verticals are well suited to mailing?

User Comment:
1. Can’t say the niches, but on niches that have no competition and no one else collects emails from. My Subscribe rate is HUGE
2. Havn’t sent out sale pages yet
3. Will be 2x a month
4. N/A
5. Aweber
6. Double

For single opts
The best way to grab someones email before they fill out a CPA is to make it a core part of the landing page. It needs to seem like it’s a ‘must-fill’.
Like how groupon does it, it may deter conversions though

For double opts
Offer something of greatness because you need them to confirm.
– If your targeting females (instantly get access to the top 10 reasons women always land the wrong men, or poor men, dumb men, etc..)
– If your targeting males (instantly get access to the top 10 reasons men land ugly women)

User Comment:
I always do, I even wrote a guide for it – it’s one of the most stable ways for me to generate ongoing money. When I get them on my mailing list I usually mail out 2-3 different newsletter to hit different demographics of people registered on that list. I wrote a guide for it for EWA members about 2 years ago and it’s made a bunch of people money.

Long story short: squeeze pages work.

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