Who else got banned from Google? …. for an account

Who else got banned from Google? …. for an account that was unused for 2 years?

I’ve been slapped plenty of times but about a month ago an Google an unrelated adwords account completely (unrelated to the slapped account).

I had not used the account or even logged into it for about 2 years.

Back then I ran a tiny $100 test for some diet campaign whose landing page is still the same as it was 2 years ago and no longer compliant.

So I got banned for the landing page that isn’t mine, I explained them that but the only way to get the account unbanned is to get that landing page – which again isn’t mine – to be compliant even though it’s a 2 year old campaign.

The one positive thing was that the google rep on the phone was really nice and he basically agreed that google is really anal with stuff like that, other than that though, Google can of course suck a fat d*ck.

Either way I don’t miss google, paid traffic on banners/pops is the sh *t but I was just curious if anyone else got beat down for their past "mistakes" by the big G

The Article Published IN 08-04-2011 03:19 PM

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