Who runs traffic with matomy adsmarket?

Anybody with adsmarket? How are they with payments? Any other experiences?

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For advertisers, Matomy’s network Xtend has good international traffic, especially India.

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They are a good network but they suck at payments terms, and that’s the main reason why I don’t run traffic with them even though I would love to. Their offers variety is huge.

However they will pay you once the advertiser has paid them, so make sure to always check the Advertiser Payment Terms in their programs information page. Once they are paid they’ll pay you weekly. So if for example advertiser X pays Net15, for all the revenue generated during september you will likely get paid at the end of October. Of course sometimes the advertiser delays on their payment and that Net15 turns into forever. Once I had to wait 2 months and a half to get paid. My advice: search for programs with Pre-payment as their payment terms, this means you will get paid weekly since they have already collected the money from the advertiser. Unfortunately there aren’t many of those.

For a while I was making a revenue of $1,0000/$2,000 a day there, I asked for more flexible payment terms and their answer was something like "Keep making that kind of money and eventually you may be eligible for our Key Affiliates Team, and maybe then we can negotiate different payment terms". Very vague answer. What I did: went to EWA, asked them to get the offers I was promoting and I run those with them even with a slightly smaller payout and knowing that they were just brokering them from AdsMarket. I rather have a 90% ROI 4 times a week that a 100% once a month.

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Thanks for the info !

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