Why do people put adsense on sites while running adwords?

Why do people put adsense on sites while running adwords?

Hey everybody! This is my first post and love the forum. My question really isn’t about arbitrage. I see that a bit on adcenter and adwords but this seems different.

If you are running an adwords campaign and pushing several CPA affiliate products on your website (not to mention capturing an email as well), what is the purpose of putting adsense all over your landing page?

I know some of these guys are spending $1,000’s a day based on my own campaigns. What is the logic behind this?

Thanks leeches

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perhaps to catch any bit of leakage – thinking if someone isn’t going to complete a CPA offer they will at least help earn their click price back if they leave the site through adsense.

Personally, I’d want to keep my visitors focused and not lose a CPA sale to a .35 adsense click.

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Yeah, I thought about that. I run a back script to help with the leakage. Sometimes the website you are on shows up in the adsense. May’be google gives a better quality score or cheaper clicks when run like this? I have yet to test this though.

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Landing page monetization is essential in my mind, even if you run advertorials, it’s never saved a losing campaign for me but it does bring in additional revenue. It’s like anything else, you need to split test what impact having additional monetization has on your pages. Does the adsense lower your EPC or increase it. Same with banners, exit pops, in text ads, etc.

You should run your own display ads and pops of course, but also test ad networks on a CPM basis, sometimes it turns out you make more money selling that space ,sometimes it doesn’t. Fucking trafficvance advertises for free on all of our landers anyway to their userbase, there should really be a class action lawsuit against those guys.

I spend a fair amount with them, but I figure someone could get millions by showing how they actually advertise in your text without permission for competing ads, it actually really pisses me off when I view my landers and see their ads all over them, quite hypocritical I know.

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I do it all the time. I have tested it both ways and the people who are going to optin are going to do just that. But the people who are hitting the page and not finding what they want are prone to clicking on the ad’s.

Doing this has let me build my list for free in some niches.


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