Why my ctr and click drop fast?

my all campaign ctr and click always drop fast these days, any one have idea? thanks.

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not knowing your reach…..its hard to say but just looking from the pics would say that your frequency is way up…..happens if you bid to low and/or reach is small…

would you click an ad you have seen 7 times already?

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Like Polarbacon said your frequency is probably very high and your users are getting banner blind quickly. At 500 clicks and it looks like you’ve covered most of your demo in reach already. I would say you demo is pretty small sub 100,00? maybe sub 70,000?

Your options are look for new ways to expand that out (keywords, age targets, gender, countries) or submit fresh ads. Typically fresh images do the trick and can let you keep the ball rolling. I’m having to do this on a camp right now actually, because the frequency reaches into the teens with in a few days but new images get it back on track.

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thanks a lot.

the problem is i created more campaign.
some are CPC and some are CPM

because my fb account have a $50 limit.

facebook will use my money to CPC AD.

for example:

Daily Spend Limit
$50.00 USD

Campaign Name budget
CPCCampaign1 $50
CPCCampaign2 $50
CPMCampaign3 $50
CPMCampaign4 $50

CPCCampaign1 and CPCCampaign2 will get traffic, but CPMCampaign3 and CPMCampaign4 couldnt get more traffic.

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I’m targeting female 20-40 years old and getting around a 800k reach, is it too wide/small a crowd?

My CPC has increased obscenely (from 10 cents to 20 cents) so I switched to CPM recently. Is it better to use CPC/CPM? Does CPC/CPM reach different people?

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800k demo is pretty big, what are your CTRs like? It’s all about Earnings per Click so if you’re profiting well you can be safe and watch your CPC/EPCs like a hawk, or you could try splitting the campaign into age groups and optimising from there.

Facebook favours CPC bids over CPM. So whilst you will still get impressions and reach, you will no doubt be lower in the pecking order for ad delivery. If your CTRs are high enough though this shouldn’t matter much as Facebook will love you regardless. Facebook loves high CTR ads. They are seen as good investments.

CPC/CPM shouldn’t effect reach in any specific way, i.e. could go up or down when you switch, just like it could with changing your bids. Always use CPC to start and establish ad performance, CTRs and watch the CPCs drop in response. Consider swapping to CPM if your [earnings per 1000 impressions / CPM] is greater than your [earnings per click / CPC], watch like a hawk to pull out if your CTR starts dropping too much. Whatever makes the most money!

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check and make sure WOT has not RED LISTED your offer, network, tracking domain, dogs name, mothers maiden name and your 6th grade gym teacher. (ok maybe not the last 3 but sheeesh. they are ‘viral’)

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Thanks Zeno,

Just a question, how do you track earnings per click? Are there any software which can be used?

My CTR are real low.

These are the kind of stats I get (today):

My 2 best performing CPM ads:
#1 Reach 76,221 54 Clicks 0.01% CTR $0.11 CPM
#2 Reach 79,041 60 Clicks 0.01% CTR $0.11 CPM

New ad today:
Reach 17,093 15 Clicks 0.035% CTR $0.47 (bid @ $0.50, recommended bid $0.7x, usual bid $0.2x)

Good performing CPC ad (today):
Reach 17,821 37 Clicks 0.087% CTR $0.21 (bid @ $0.25, recommended bid around $0.5x
Same ad (week):
Reach 155,809 707 Clicks 0.083% CTR $0.23 CPC

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Are you direct linking? If so you will have to look at your networks data/reporting to see your earnings per click in detail. Or take your commissions divided by how many clicks you sent through. If using a lander then you will want to set up something like prosper202 which can track your clicks, conversions and calculate your EPCs and ROIs for you. Ideally you would have a unique link for each advert that has a SUBID in it, so on the other end, i.e. the network side, you can see the SUBIDs of the clicks that went to the offer, and which converted. So you may see that two ads have the same CTR and CPC on the Facebook side, but one is converting on the back end twice as much as the other. Hence its earnings per click are twice as high.

More importantly, you really want to improve those CTRs. I’m not sure what offer you’re sending people to so your earnings may be high enough to make things profitable. Looking at your pictures above I’d say the ads are getting shown a lot so people go blind to them quickly, and since the CTR is low you don’t get many clicks in the time frame that this happens. Result is a pretty short campaign.

What I recommend you do is rethink the angle – what am I promoting, who am I promoting it too? If I was this demographic, what’s something I would probably like. Hmmm would I like high heel shoes? Would I like lipstick? Would I like walks on the beach? Is there any way I can use something related to such an interest to draw people to my ad and have them click? They may not be as interested in the offer as I’d like but my CTR might be high and my CPC will drop a lot. If it doesn’t work well at least I can get lots of data without spending much and kill it off quickly.

Facebook cares about your ad relating to it’s image. But the image/ad doesn’t need to have the most direct, obvious connection to the offer. It’s your job to find an angle that you can spin that is creative, is linked to the offer by your copy and that Facebook will still find ok. For example, you are linking to a site that sells woman’s dresses. Target people who love the beach and have an image of a woman walking down the beach with a man in the sunset, or running and twirling on the beach in a dress and bare feet – then for ad copy have "Do you dance on the beach? – Feel amazing as you dance on the beach in a sexy black dress. Find the dress to set you free at DressMart – Sale on now"

See what I mean? If you use a creative angle with a more interesting, attention grabbing ad, you do yourself many favours. You hopefully get better CTRs which gives you more clicks = more data = faster decision about whether to continue. The demo may convert less on the back end but the lowered expenditure on the Facebook side may mean you still roll in the monies.

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Ok got the tracking portion.

It’s the perfect example. My ad links to a women’s fashion online store.

"Result is a pretty short campaign." I need Facebook ads to run daily to drive traffic to the website. Does it mean I have to keep renewing my ads to prevent ad blindness? Also, will you recommend segmenting my target audience further (currently 800k reach, 20-40 yrs old ladies)?

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back to the CPM spending question;

Facebook usually favors CPC ads, so you’ll have to pause your CPC campaigns to get your CPM ones rolling.. especially with only 50/day spend limit.

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