Why Split-Testing is Like Sex in High School

The reasons?

  1. Everybody says they’re doing it . . .
  2. Hardly anyone is really doing it . . .
  3. Most aren’t doing it very well . . .

Clever article by Coppyblogger.

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Haha very well written. Good find!

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Nice comparison

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Nice read.

This is a good place to really learn about split-testing results (which the author of the article says no one likes to actually share):


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The ones that do keep it quiet.

LOL so true..

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Haha, good article and very true. I do split test often, but I’m guilty of not changing 1 thing at a time, and every time i do it i know it’s wrong! I just have too many ideas

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I love .. I think i’m pretty savvy when it comes to conversion optimisation but this website always puts me back in my place

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if your changing more then one, you need to some multi variant testing tools and not using the A/B method

The Article Published IN 08-02-2011 03:24 AM

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