WOW! POF – Thnaks to the approvals team I have

WOW! POF – Thnaks to the approvals team I have ads running this WE

Saturday 1st Oct 16.20pm US Pacific

Whilst doing a little house keeping on my POf Campaigns, I found I made a couple of errors on my urls calling attributes for tracking in CPV lab which needed correction.

I knew that POF work on a Saturday, and as I wanted to run those adds later in the day and Sunday, I thought I would just amend my worst performing ads initially to see if they get round to it by close of play (there was only 40 minutes left before the reviewers ended for the day)

I amended a couple of ads, and by the time I got to the 3rd ad, I found the previously amended ads had been reviewed and approved… WOW!

I ended up doing all the amendments I needed in 5-10 minutes, but the amazing thing was that I got the ads approved by POF in real time – totally amazing.

THANKS POF approvals team, you’re the best!

Any one had anything like that before?

User Comment:
They are on a roll lately. Lots of new changes, and fast approvals with the need to pull out that special golden ticket,.

User Comment:
I just started my first campaign with POF and i noticed this too! So far they rock! So much happier with POF than with Facebook.

User Comment:
Plus the fact that Ben and Shannon are REALLY helpful and supportive.

User Comment:
Yup i’ve seen an increase as well. They are doing really great.

User Comment:
Sure makes life easier, eh? This probably causes a lot of affiliates to keep wanting to submit more campaigns which = more $ for POF.

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