Yo…Ya…You Go Vote…

Head over to here….

and vote for the best rhyme…..I voted for z6(bil)…just for this one line…..

Im buying donkey rope chains and titanium grills……

good shit…..

GO VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Comment:
Haha some people really took this seriously, I voted for you Bil

User Comment:
Thanks. But I’m not going to win. I know V and Derek, they’re both in my local meetup group, and they’re great people. It looks like Derek is going to win, and he deserves it. His verse was sick.

User Comment:
I vote bil!

User Comment:
I went hard to try and secure the win… but it looks like its Derek all the way.

My favorite line was in my other rap that didn’t get selected:

i went to affiliate summit to learn how to make profits
all i learned is my affiliate manager had soft tits

User Comment:
Yeah I was hoping they’d pick my first verse because 1) it was longer and 2) it mentioned members only jackets.

User Comment:
hahaha, it was alot of fun. I got all into it lol.

I’ve never rapped before, so my raps on STM are my first 3 rhymes ever penned

Props to Derek and V though, even though I dismantled them

User Comment:
I thought Bill & Garett killed it! Contest ending tonight

The Article Published IN 09-22-2011 08:24 PM

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