You can 3X$$$ -Let’s build Sales Letter swipe file in

You can 3X$$$ -Let’s build Sales Letter swipe file in this forum

Did you know that the most converting landing pages on the web are in a Sales Letter format?
Did you know that less then 5% of advertisers use Sales Letter format in their landing pages?
Question: WHY?
Answear: Many of us don’t have the time and energy to invest in designing and writing long copy Sales Letters.

If we had a Sales Letters swipe file (links and examples) here in the forum with proven converting offers, I believe we can all benefit and improve our conversion and $$$.

So what do you think? Did you stumble upon some good copy?

User Comment:
Good idea… BUT the sales letter is very dependend on the product you’re pushing and the angle you’re taking.

Also, with AM there are so many offers where sales letter is overkill, ie gaming, dating, mobile…

Either way I’ll post some if I cross any.

User Comment:
here is a good resource

User Comment:
I’ve got a digital copy of the Halbert swipe file somewhere. If I can find it I’ll host it for a while. It’s a really neat resource but honestly like the Angry Russian said, a lot of verticals you really don’t want to use a long form sales letter. I’m mostly promoting dating these days. I doubt most people would want to sit through a 10 page essay to sign up for a free dating site. I think that’s why a lot of offers have "Connect with Facebook" options on their signup form – the idea is to make the offer easy to convert on without thought. See a pretty picture, hit a button, bam – conversion. It becomes more of an impulse buy at that point, like grabbing a pack of gum at the checkout counter in the store. You didn’t spend three hours at home researching gum and making a weighted decision before buying it. You saw it, your brain said "Hey idiot, we like gum. Buy gum." and suddenly, there was gum.

Some things online are like that pack of gum. Downloads (toolbars, games, etc), Facebook app installs, free dating site signups, zip and email submits, most lead gen, etc. If you’re promoting diet products, teeth whiteners, or other rebills, or are doing CPS stuff, then by all means test a short lander against a long form one and the long form one will probably do well as long as it is written well. But that’s the key – making sure it’s well written. Nothing drives a customer away faster than a badly written sales letter – except for a badly written really long sales letter.

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